Children in Dreams of their Future Competences

A project by Lillehammer University College, Norway

Short history

The “project” started in 2009 as a private initiative to support the people in Ait Abdi in general, and the school and the school children especially. The following milestones gives an overview over how this project has developed over time: from a private initiative for support to a combination of action research and developmental support to children of Ait Abdi:

2009-2010: Earmarked private donations which resulted in:

  • Electricity connection to the two school buildings
  • New external and internal roofs of the two school buildings
  • Painting of all walls outside and inside the two school buildings
  • New windows in both classrooms

2010 – 2013: Conducting the pilot project “Children in dreams of their future competences” in Ait Abdi:

  • Interviews with children, teachers, parents and grandparents
  • Three days school excursion to Marrakech with pre- and post interviews

2011-2012: Formalization of the collaboration between University of Cady Ayyad in Marrakech and Lillehammer University College in Lillehammer:

  • First research seminar between researchers at University of Cady Ayyad and Lillehammer University College in Lillehammer.(2011)
  • The strategically document Partnership agreement between
 University of Cadi Ayyad Marrakech, kingdom of Morocco and
 Lillehammer University College, Norway  was signed by the president of the university and the rector of the University College.(2011)
  • The formal creation of a research hub as a joint venture between Cady Ayyad University and Lillehammer University College dedicated to research in Alhaouz.(2012)
  • Conference  in Tahanaut and Marrakech arranged by the Norwegian-Moroccan Research hub with support from the Governor in Alhaouz (2012)

2012: The water project, school toilet and building of walls around schoolyard:

  • The members in the private network for support to Ait Abdi raised the necessary money for to buy a big water pump, now enabling every household in the village with water.
  • As a result the school children for the first time had access to a toilet and water
  • The the surplus from the money earmarked for the water, walls was built around the school yard to keep animals outside

2012:   Collaboration with Førde Traditional and World Music Festival, Concerts Norway and Talent 2012:

Four young Berber talents from Alhaouz were recruited and participated at the festival,and were the following year hosts for the Norwegian and Tunisian talents.  All young people from the three countries had concerts together in Tahanaut, Ait Abdi and Marrakech. This initiative was taken in order to start one of our projects in Ait Abdi (see the summary of this project on the page giving an overview of our projects).

2013: Putting the agreements between University of Cady Ayyad and Lillehammer University College into practice:

  • With reference to the general partnership agreement (see above), an agreement on collaboration on a double degree PhD-program was signed by the president of Cady Ayyad and the rector of Lillehammer University College
  • On the basis of this agreement, the first norwegian financed PhD-schoolarship was offered to a masterstudent from Cady Ayyad starting with her PhD-project as a part of one of our research project in Ait Abdi.

2014: A general agreement on research permissions in Alhaouz was signed by the Governor of Alhaouz and the president of Cady Ayyad (on behalf of the Cady Ayyad-Lillehammer University College research hub) 

2014: A crowd-funding campaign to raise money for digital pedagogical tools in the primary school of Ait Abdi. 

2014: Signment of agreement between Tidoukla Association de Ait Abdi, L´espace Associatif D´Alhaouz and Lillehammer University College for research and development collaboration. 

2014: The Norwegian team had a meeting with the Governor of Alhaouz, to orient him about planned fieldwork in Ait Abdi. The Governpr signed a research permission for all the specific Norwegian projec

2014:  The organization Friends of Ait Abdi was formally established 29.08.2014 in Norway, and was approved and officially registered in Norwegian Brønnøysund Register Centre as a help organization 18.09.2014!  Read more here!

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