Children in Dreams of their Future Competences

A project by Lillehammer University College, Norway

iPad project


Videos from the iPad project in Ait Abdi

Together with the local school administration and the teacher for the children in 3rd,4th ,5th and 6th grade in primary school of Ait Abdi, we started the implementation of the iPad project in 2014.  The main object for this project  is:

To support the children at level 3-6 in developing new practices and competences for their future life in different areas with the help of new information technology.

This main object can be divided into the following goals:

  1. To stimulate the children to learn algebra with the help av the program Dragonbox
  2. To help the children to be prepared for, and be able to use, the new technology for their future life.
  3. To support the children in developing their social competences in collaboration,  sharing and communication within the context of the new information technology as tools.
  4. To help the children to use the new information technology and similar educational apps to Dragonbox when they study other subjects than algebra, for example  arabic, French, english, geography, biology etc.
  5. To support the teachers in the administrative work by giving them the opportunity to use new information technology.

In the video below you can take part in the first introduction of the iPads to the school children. Here you can see the teacher at Ait Abdi school, Naoual Zbair, and our Ph. D. student at Lillehammer university and University at Cady Ayyad, Nisrine Lmariouh, introducing the iPads and the algebra program to the children.

On the next video you can take part in how a group of the children throw them selves  into the iPad world in a more free and informal setting.

Video of iPad class in Ait Abdi 7.5.2014


Video of Ait Abdi Children playing with iPads and Dragon box


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