Children in Dreams of their Future Competences

A project by Lillehammer University College, Norway

About this blog-site

Aim of this blog-site

This blog-site is created in order to make it possible for our partners, donors and other interested groups to follow, inspire and criticise our work.

Contact information

Project coordinator and blog-editor:

Pär Nygren, e-mail:

Researchers and co-workers:

Bjarne Øvrelid, e-mail:

Frank Bruun, e-mail:

Steinar Ofsdal, e-mail:

Nisrine Lamariouh, e-mail:

Omar Aatabi,

Rachid Fqiyah, e-mail:

Anne-Li Engström,e-mail:


Standing from left: Frank Jarle Bruun, Nisrine Lmariouh, Steinar Ofsdal, Bjarne Øvrelid and Rachid Fqiyah. Kneeling: Pär Nygren. (Anne-Li Engström and Omar Aatabi were abroad)






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